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Our Denver Sprinkler Repair Team Knows Native Grasses

Our Denver CO Sprinkler Repair team uses native Buffalo grassIn Colorado, the grass of choice for most lawns is Kentucky bluegrass. This is both because it is soft and luscious as well as having the ability to stand up to heavy traffic. Unfortunately, Kentucky bluegrass is a water hog, using up to 75% more water than the leading native alternative. This alternative is the often talked about, Buffalo Grass.

Early strains of buffalo grass were known to stand up to very dry conditions and thrive in thick clay soils.

The main drawback was that it didn't stand up to heavy traffic very well and often developed weeds in these areas.

Another minor complication in some areas of Colorado is that it fails to thrive at elevations above 6500 ft. In Denver this is no problem, but in some of the areas directly to the west, buffalo grass simply isn't a good choice. Our Denver CO sprinkler repair team would highly recommend going with it.

In Denver Landscaping Is Easier With Buffalo Grass

Our Denver Landscaping team uses buffalo grass whenever possibleNew strains of buffalo grass have been developed that grow closer together and are hardy against heavy traffic.

These strains green up quickly with the first spring rains and remain that way until the first frost provided they are kept watered. If the grass is not watered it will turn brown in the heat of the Denver summer.

Our Denver landscaping team suggests the best way to establish a buffalo grass turf is to fertilize it early in the year and once a month during the summer of the first year. For every successive year, a spring fertilization followed by one in mid July will result in the best carpet.

Buffalo grass, if left unattended, will grow to a height of 8 to 10 inches. It does well when kept mowed to a height of 2 to 3 inches. To maintain this height it will require weekly mowing.